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New Water Treatment Plant News:

See the March Minutes below for the most current information.

Construction on the new water treatment plant has begun.  Disruption to most residents will be minimal  Use of the marina area will be restricted, especially over the next 4 months or so.  The contractor will have heavy equipment on site and will be storing equipment over night at the marina and in the lower parking area.  Storage containers and the office trailer will be stored in the Marina.  This will limit parking and make it more difficult to turn around boat trailers.  My apologies, but there is just little room for the contractor to work.  This inconvenience will be short lived and we will have higher quality drinking water for years to come.

Tom Smythe, President, HVMWC

Water Conservation

See the March Minutes below for the most current information.

As most of you probably know, we are in one of the worst droughts ever in Northern California and there appears to be no relief in sight. The Harbor View Mutual Water Company has issued a Water Conservation Notice (click HERE for a PDF copy of the Notice); you can go to the Water Company Page for the full Notice.

You might also want to visit the Save the Water Website for more information on the drought and what you can do to help conserve this precious resource.


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