Riviera West Swimming Pool

Riviera-West’s community Swimming Pool is one of the ‘Crown Jewels’ of our Association. It is open during the warm, Summer months (see Hours below) and affords a cooling respite for our members, until the descending temperatures of Fall give everyone “the shivers.”

Usually, the Environmental Health pool inspector for Lake County inspects and issues our pool its annual permit well before the Memorial Day Weekend and then performs ‘spot inspections’ monthly, throughout the Summer. The pool furniture and picnic tables, as well as a small wading pool for toddlers, are available for our members’ use.

Access is by coded security key cards (the same as used for the Marina) and is limited, by our By-laws, to members “in good standing”.  Please contact the Office for your key card.

Pool Closed  For The Season. Will reopen on Memorial Day weekend .Please click HERE for further information.

Riviera West's pool usage is a privilege and requires that all of our members and guests adhere to the following Rules and Regulations:



Section 8.  Pool Rules

8.1 Read and observe pool regulations.  Family, guests and tenants are to be made aware of these regulations.

8.2 Use of the pool is for Owners/Tenants and a maximum of FOUR guests only.

8.3 Entry card must be available as identification for use of the pool.

8.4 Toilet and shower facilities should be used before entering the pool.

8.5 Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

8.6 Standard swimsuit attire only: no cutoffs, shorts, shoes or pants.

8.7 Running, scuffling or horseplay inside the pool area is prohibited.

8.8 No large floats or rigid boards allowed in the pool.

8.9 Pets are not allowed in pool or pool area.

8.10 Glass containers are not allowed in the pool area.  Broken glass in or near the pool area will require draining of the pool.

8.11 Food or snacks are not allowed in or near the pool.  Food and snacks are allowed in table areas only, located at each end of the pool.

8.12 Standing, sitting or otherwise playing with the shallow/deep end dividing rope is prohibited The rope may be temporarily removed during lap swimming.

8.13 Playing with pool equipment is prohibited.

8.14 Pool users must clean up after themselves and place all refuse in the container provided.

8.15 Radios are to be kept at low volume.