Riviera West Marina

The Riviera West Marina and Park is located off the lake side of Soda Bay Road, across from the entry into Riviera West Drive, just past the bus stop; adjacent to the Mutual Water Company's Water Plant.

Our marina offers community members a boat launch and docks, picnicking and a beachfront park. This area is utilized year-round for boating, relaxing, a BBQ and maybe cooler temperatures. 

It's a great place to enjoy all these wonderful amenities including spectacular views of Clear Lake.

To obtain access to the Marina area, as well as the pool, you will need a Security Access Card. These Cards can be acquired at the Office, located on the end of the Clubhouse near the pool entrance.

To ensure that a safe and problem-free experience is enjoyed by all of our visitors, please abide by the following membership rules: 



Section 9. Marina

9.1 Parking lot #2 is provided for limited day storage of boats, at owner’s risk.

9.2 No overnight parking of vehicles is allowed.

9.3 Boat trailers must display current DMV License plate when using the marina facilities.

9.4 Approval for use of the marina does not include the exclusive use of the picnic area and dock area.

9.5 No overnight berthing. Day-time tying up of watercraft is limited to 4 hours.

9.6 No fires, barbeques or flame devices of any type on marina docks.

Boat Launch and Docks:

Boat Launch and Park:

Sailboat Regatta as viewed from Riviera West: