Riviera West's Fire Safety and Prevention 


Please click HERE for the Ready-Set-Go Wildfire Action Plan Checklist. This is a great checklist to use to make sure you are ready for a wildfire.

Lake County Sheriff Evacuation Comments:

Sergeant John Gregore from the Lake County Sheriff's Office attended the May 2015 meeting of the FSC to discuss the role of the Sheriff's Office in emergencies and evacuations. Notes from the conversation:

  • If an Evacuation is called, the Sheriffs will go door to door, only once, to tell people to evacuate. We need to emphasize that residents should drive out of the community at once, with no delay.
  • They will designate a meeting area and command post.
  • Once an evacuation is called, the Sheriffs will stop anyone from entering the community for any reason.
  • They will not forcibly remove anyone who does not want to leave.
  • Everyone should have critical documents, etc. ready to go at a moment's notice.
  • Sergeant Gregore suggested we acquire several bolt cutters and distribute them among residents for cutting the secondary evacuation path's gate locks. We are doing this.
  • Fire Station 5.6, across from Braitos store, will respond first to any fire in Riviera West.
  • We should all sign up for the Nixle Alert System. 
  • Do not call the dispatcher or the Sheriff's Office for evacuation information.

Riviera West is Now a Nationally Recognized Firewise Community

As a result of everyone's efforts in clearing their lots, as well as other criteria which we had to meet, Riviera West has been accepted and recognized as a Firewise Community by the National Firewise Communities organization (a division of the National Fire Protection Association, NFPA). We are the first community in our area to get this designation. To maintain this designation, we have to continue to keep Riviera West compliant with our Fire Safety Policy. As of July 8, 2015, Riviera West has renewed our Firewise Community designation for 2015; to view a copy of the renewal, please click HERE.

There are some benefits that we acquire by being a Firewise Community and we are investigating how best to use these benefits for Riviera West. For you Veterans, USAA Insurance offers discounts to those who live in a Firewise Community.

For the latest Firewise Newsletter, please click HERE.

For more detailed information on Firewise and how to protect your home from fires, please visit firewise.org. Here are some very informative Firewise documents:

One of the best Brochures on being a Firewise Community is HERE.

Firewise Guide to Landscape and Construction

Communities Compatible with Nature

(Note: these are large files and will take a little time to load.)

We also have copies of Firewise DVDs in the office that you can checkout. These DVDs are about how to prevent your home igniting in fire and how to make firewise home improvements. You can check these out during office hours. We also have some informative brochures that you can pick up in the Clubhouse.

 To further research this issue, we recommend going to readyforwildfire.org or watch this Ready Set Go Video. Click HERE for a PDF copy of the Ready For Wildfire brochure - very good, concise information.

Thanks to all of you who spent the time and money to comply with our Fire Safety Policy,

Riviera West's Fire Safety Committee

Riviera West's 2015 Free Chipping Day was a great success. We had over 90 piles chipped - that is a lot of fire fuel removed from our community. Thanks to all the owners who cleared their lots!

Fire Safe Committee

We have formed a working Fire Safe Committee to deal with all the Tasks and Inspections required to fully implement this new program. If you would like to volunteer to be on the committee, please email (philhart8@gmail.com) or call (707-279-2807) and let Phil know.  For minutes of the last meeting, please click HERE. For our 3 Year Plan, please click HERE.

The 2015 Fine Inspections have been completed and 44 fine letters were mailed; this is out of an initial 111 lots that were non-compliant from the first inspection.

To access the Fire Safe Committee's Summary of the 2014 fire safety and prevention effort, please click HERE.

If you want to view the Fire Safe Committee's 2015 Annual Report, please click HERE.

Riviera West's Fire Safe Committee Mission Statement

  1. To inform every Riviera West property owner of applicable laws and codes, governing fire issues in a State Responsibility Area (of which Riviera West is one) and the Riviera West Fire Prevention Policy.
  2. To provide every Riviera West property owner with educational resources, fire safe protocols, procedures, and best practices, as they relate to maintaining owner properties.
  3. Provide guidance on personal and community safety should a fire incident or related emergency occur.
  4. To make recommendations to the Riviera West Country Club Board of Directors on actions to be taken concerning properties not in compliance with the Riviera West Fire Prevention Policy.

The 2015 Revised Fire Prevention Policies and Procedures are available here: 

Click HERE for the Postcard that will be used based on this new policy. This new Policy was approved by the Board on November 20, 2014.

If you want to check out the 2015 version of our Fire Policy, please click HERE.

For a copy of the CA State Fire Code 4291, which is enforceable in Riviera West, please click HERE. Our New Policy is based on this Law.

Click HERE for a link to the web page that details what a Red Flag Warning Day is and what you can and can not do as it pertains to clearing lots or trees on those designated days. There is an interactive map of Red Flag Warnings.

Lot Clearing:

Choose a contractor from our Lot Clearing Contractors' List; some of them will also remove the debris once cut and/or chipped. You can also call Dave or Mike at Lake County Chipping Services, 707-279-2968. All the Chippers charge about the same amount.

Glow in the Dark Street Address Signs:

Kelseyville Fire Department is selling (for $30) and installing street address signs (number only) that are reflective and easily seen by emergency responders (this is critical in our community especially for medical emergencies in order to find the right address). If you want to have one of these signs installed, please print out, fill out and deliver this form to Kelseyville Fire; click HERE for the form. 

For a link to the Cal Fire Inspection Law/Guide, please click HERE (this will give you access to much more information on wildfires and how to stay safe in a High Fire Zone). Please be aware of Section 2.4:  Liability

  • If fire law violations are observed, or significant hazards or risks are evident, the violations should be recorded on an appropriate inspection form. Corrective information, such as handout material, should be provided to the occupant to facilitate correction and compliance. The occupants should understand that they are responsible for any fire that escapes their control or property. Explain that if a fire should start on their property, because of certain hazards, and spread to a neighbor's property, the neighbor may have civil recourse for damages through the courts. In addition, the wildland fire agency may recover suppression costs and the occupants may face criminal charges.

To All Riviera West Property Owners:

Since mailing out the Fire Prevention Packet, we have received several calls from owners expressing fear of a neighbor's dead tree falling on their home (one person did have a dead tree fall on their boat). 

We just wanted to emphasize that if a dead tree on your property falls and damages your neighbor or their property, you (not the Country Club) is the responsible party; and that could lead to significant problems for you (see Section 2.4 above). This is one of the main reasons we did the survey and sent owners the yellow cards. These dead trees are not only a major fire hazard, they may also be life and property threatening.

Thanks for all the efforts we see happening in clearing and maintaining your lots.

Other Pertinent Information:

For those of you that do not want to relocate your Firewood 30 feet from any structure, you may want to purchase a Fire Retardant Tarp. Here is a link to one manufacturer.

If you are interested in planting Fire Resistant Plants, here is a link. There are many other places online that have lists of these type of plants.

Concrete Fencing from Timbercrete Fence. This fence is not cheap, about $45/lineal foot, but it will prevent low to the ground burning embers from entering your lot.

We also found a Fence Fire Retardant that can be applied to your wooden fence.

Very informative articles on Fireproofing Your Home and How To Help Trees Survive a Drought.

Click here for a copy of the Country Club Governing Document, Fire Safety Sections.

Click here to go to our Emergency Response Planning page.

Click here for a PDF copy of the Emergency Response Manual.


  • Ten Minute Evacuation Form
  • Emergency Contacts Form
  • Other forms and information to assist you in organizing a future evacuation or emergency.

For more information on being Ready for a Fire, please click here for the Cal Fire Website.

Thank you for doing your part in keeping our community safe!

Click here for a PDF copy of a letter from Mike Stone, Kelseyville Fire Protection District's Fire Chief, that addresses and supports the Riviera West's Fire Abatement program. The full text of Mike's letter is below.


Post Offrce Box 306'4020 Main Street

Kelseyville, California 95451

Business Phone: (707) 279-4268

Business Fax: (707) 279-4422

Robert L. "Mike" Stone, Fire Chief                     August 8, 2013

Riviera West Property Owners:

Mt. Konocti, while beautiful, is an ideal environment for a devastating wildland fire. with the onset of the summer months comes the drying and curing of the vegetation on and around the mountain' As temperatures peak, humidity drops, and the summer winds blow, the potential for wildland fires increase. Despite the efforts of the fire services in California, many homes are lost each year due to wildland and wildland urban interface fires.

The Kelseyville Fire Protection District applauds and supports the efforts of the Riviera West Homeowners Association as it pertains to vegetation management and fire safety. The avoidance of a catastrophic fire is top priority. Therefore, it is imperative that each of the property owners in Riviera West prepare now to protect your home and property from such occurrences.

"Stay Safe by Being Prepared"


Robert L. Stone

Fire Chief