Riviera West's Schedules of Fees

Riviera West Country Club Schedule of Fees & Deposits:

Click here for a PDF copy of the Country Club Fees Schedule. All fees are effective as of 07-01-2013.


  • Annual Dues   $423.00
  • Late Fee (each month)    $20.00
  • Escrow / Transfer Fee    $200.00
  • Access Key Card Replacement     $100.00


Click here for a PDF copy of the Architectural Guidelines Governing Building

New Home Construction

  • Plan Review Fee $ 500.00
  • Performance Deposit (new construction) $10,000.00
  • Variance Request Fee $ 500.00

Three (3) sets of plans and the plan review fee must be submitted for approval. When the plans are approved, one set is retained in the office and the other is stamped approved and returned to contractor/owner to submit to the County. The Performance Deposit is returned only after the following have been completed:

  1. Construction is completed within 1 year
  2. County has signed off on final inspection
  3. ACP has signed off on final inspection
  • Major Addition or garage $ 2,500.00

Minor Construction

  • There is no charge for a deck, porch, patio, pool, spa, fence, retaining wall, etc. Application must be submitted with samples of roofing material or paint colors. Fences must show detailed outline of type (top rails are a must for link style fences) and actual location, heights, etc.

CC&R ENFORCEMENT - See list of Violations and Fines in our Country Club Governing Docs, section 11.

  • Non-Life Threatening $ 250.00 (per month/occurrence)
  • Life Threatening $ 500.00 (per month/occurrence)

Harbor View Mutual Water Company's Schedule of Fees & Deposits:

Click here for a PDF copy of the Water Company Fees Schedule


  • Annual Stand-By Fee    $ 395.00
  • Late Fee (Per Month)    $ 20.00
  • Escrow / Transfer Fee   $ 200.00
  • Water Hook-Up             $5150.00 (changed by board on 1/15/15)
  • Re-connect Fee $ 200.00


Base Rate   $163.43

  • Delivery Fee        $150.10
  • Reserve Funding   $13.33

Water Use Rate (per cubic foot):

  • Tier 1: 1st 2000 cf            $0.04738 per cf
  • Tier 2: 2001 – 4000 cf      $0.05923 per cf
  • Tier 3: over 4001 cf          $0.07107 per cf

Water bills are typically sent out during the first week of Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, and Nov.

Riviera West Country Club Delinquent Assessment Collection Policy

Harbor View Mutual Water Company Delinquent Assessment Collection Policy