Country Club Board Meeting Agenda



May 19 2016 AT 4:30 PM

The annual meeting for the Riviera West Country Club will be held Saturday, June 25, 2016.  To view the agenda click  Agenda 



(for a PDF copy, click HERE)

     1. Repair Projects

          a. Boat launch ramp

          b. Boat dock

                i. Determine actual repair needs

  1.  c. Heating and Air conditioning (Please click HERE for a pdf copy of the Board's Request for Proposal for       upgrading or replacing our HVAC System).

                i. Repair, service, upgrade or replace?

          d. Develop a list of trusted vendors for outside contracting

          e. Stairway to pool area

   2. Maintenance Projects

          a. Six RWCC properties with fire safety exceptions

               i. Prioritize & schedule clearing

   3. Operational Projects

          a. Create a comprehensive RFP for management services to test fiscal and operational feasibility of using                 an external management group

          b. Consider investment options for reserve funds

          c. Survey, compare and publish comparable community fee structures

          d. Develop a Board manual

          e. Review and update CC&Rs, constitution and bylaws to assure compliance with State law

          f. Study the advisability of selling Country Club owned properties on Meadow Wood and Pine Terrace.

   4. Service Projects (Service to home and property owners)

         a. Biannual publication to local realtors

         b. Support fire safety committee and application for FireWise Community status.

         c. Survey of home owners: ideas, needs, issues and demographics

For CC Board Meeting Minutes, please click here and go to the Minutes Page.