Riviera West's Country Club Governing Documents

Below are links to PDF documents used for the Governance of Riviera West's Country Club.

Country Club Governing Documents

Building Guidelines

ACP Request for Project Approval Application Form

Lake County Building Department

Lot Merger Policy

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Barking Dogs?

Pets and Animals Policies

Animal Noise Abatement Regulation and Policy

Fire Safety

Fire Safety Regulations

Fire Prevention Policy and Procedures

For Guidelines on Landscaping and Construction in a High Fire Zone, click HERE.


Riviera West Country Club Delinquent Assessment Collection Policy

Assessments and Foreclosure

Violations Fines

Complaint Report Form

Print out this form and either scan and email to rivierawest@gmail.com, fax to 707-279-0118, snail mail it to 8475 Harbor View Dr., or hand deliver it to our office at the Clubhouse. You may also use our Comments Form.

Board Candidacy Form

Insurance Disclosures