Riviera West's Boards of Directors

BOARD MEETINGS Third Thursday, every other month Country Club at 4:00 pm Mutual Water Co. at 6:00 pm


Third Thursday, every other month

There are Two Board of Directors associated with Riviera West: the Country Club Board and the Mutual Water Company Board. Members of each are listed on this page. Please refer to the Water Company Page for details on the Riviera West Mutual Water Company.

Most current Country Club Board Meeting Agenda, click HERE.

Most current Water Board Meeting Agenda, click HERE.

We are always looking for help on our Boards of Directors. If you are interested in serving on one of our boards, please fill out the Candidacy Application and forward it to the Office.

Riviera-West’s by-laws specify that its Property Owners’ corporate entity be separate from that of its Mutual Water Company. Both of these corporations are managed by their respective Boards of Directors. Board Members, in both cases, are elected by the collective Property Owners/Shareholders, for terms of two years in length. Board Members’ terms are staggered to allow for sufficient management continuity. Elections are normally held to coincide with the fiscal year-end and Annual Meeting of Property Owners in July.

Following the certification of election results, each Board of Directors meets to determine meeting schedules and dynamics, scheduling needs and philosophy and their own particular office holders (candidates for the Boards of Directors do not run for specific ‘offices’, but for Board Membership).

The 2012-2013 Boards of Directors and their offices are as follows:

Riviera-West Country Club Board of Directors

  • President: Phil Hartley 
  • Treasurer: J Richard 
  • Secretary: Clelia Baur 
  • Director: Doug Bridges
  • Director: Doug Moore

Riviera-West Mutual Water Co. Board of Directors

  • President:    Norma Simmons 
  • Treasurer: Barbara Eichten 
  • Secretary:  Barbara Eichten 
  • Director: Richard Tracy