Riviera West's Architectural Committee

The Riviera West's Architectural Committee is here to maintain our community to the standards set forth in our Governing Documents and  Architectural/Building Guidelines.

Please click HERE for FAQs about the ACP processes.

The current members of the Architectural Committee are:  Clelia Baur (chairperson), Roberta Beat and Richard Smith.

If you are building a new home, adding an addition, painting your home, moving a propane tank, installing a fence, cutting down a tree (trunk larger than 6 inches diameter), or doing anything else to your structures, you must submit a request to the ACP for approval before your project can move forward.

For ACP review of exterior paint, siding, or roofing projects, please use the Exterior Finishes Application Form.

For all other projects, please use the ACP Request for Project Approval Application Form.

For Retaining Walls and Fences, please click on the following documents from Lake County:

Lake County Interpretation of Retaining Walls and Fences

Lake County Building Code Regarding Retaining Walls

For Guidelines on Landscaping and Construction in a High Fire Zone, click HERE.